Filamer Christian University founded in 1904 has the following administrators who unselfishly rendered their services to make their dreams come true. Had it not been for their vision and foresight, FCU never enjoyed the respect, admiration and patronage of the community as it is today.

Rev. and Mrs. Joseph C. Robbins
Miss Celia Sainz
Miss Margaret Suman 1905
Miss Freida A. Appel
Miss Arcola Pettit
Miss Mayme Goldenberg
1906 – 1946
Mrs. Jacoba Ibañez 1947
Miss Josie Lee Kulhman 1948
Rev. Harold Kulhman 1949 – 1952
Miss Lettie G. Archer 1953 – 1955
Miss Emma Brodbeck 1956 – 1959
Rev. H. Possey Ganies 1957
Engr. Salvador Cantiller 1960 – 1962
Mr. Carlos Somosierra 1963
Atty. Rodriguez Obligacion 1964 – 1965
Miss Winnifred Stanford 1966 – 1967
Dr. George H. Viterbo 1968
Helen Maly 1969
Dr. Agustin E. Masa (President) 1970-1984
Dr. Virgilia Domin (Executive Dean, CPU Management) 1984-1985
Dr. Victor A. Dela Cruz (President) 1985-1991
Management Committee
Atty. Zacarias B. Bedona Jr. – Chairman
Miss. Ofelia O. Inocencio - Vice-Chairman
Mrs. Francisca C. Abanco - Member
Mr. Goerge O. Cortel - Member
Mr. Salvio E Llanera - Member
May 1991 – Oct. 1993
Dr. Domingo J. Diel, Jr.(President) Nov. 1, 1993 – Aug. 10, 2000
Dr. Expedito A. Señeres (President) Aug. 11, 2000-May 15, 2011
Dr. Salvio E. Llanera (Acting President) May 16, 2011-Oct. 2011
Management Team
Rev. Eliseo Fantilaga – Chairman
Oct. 2011-Dec. 2011
Dr. Domingo J. Diel, Jr.
January 4, 2012 – May 31, 2015
George O. Cortel
June 1, 2015 to present
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 2017 Foundation Anniversary Celebration

Theme: FCU@113: Forever, a United Community Celebrating God's Goodness

August 21 - 25

Capiz Gym, FCU Gym, Roblee Hall


Commemoration Service - August 18|2pm|The Roblee Hall

Alumni General Assembly - August 19|8am|The Roblee Hall, FCU Gym

College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Homecoming (CAS@50) - August 20|8am|The Roblee Hall

Parade and Opening Ceremony - August 21|8am|Capiz Gym

Sports Competitions - August 17-25|FCU Gym

Literary and Socio-Cultural Competitions and Events - August 21-25|FCU Gym, The Roblee Hall