Meaning of the School Seal

The Outer Circle
The outer circle represents the holistic programs and services that Filamer offers to ensure quality and excellent education.

The Inner Circle
The inner circle symbolizes the development of the total well-being of an individual for a well-rounded personality.

The Triangle
The equilateral triangle inside the circle stands for the three balanced components of human potentialities: the spiritual, the intellectual, and the physical with the spiritual aspect as the base.

The Cross
The cross represents the victorious Christ as the center and the real foundation of this institution. This symbol emphasizes the encompassing love of God by which FCU is reaching out to individuals for them to experience the abundant life in Christ Jesus.

The Sun
The Sun represents the illuminating light and eternal hope for every person who searches for truth and wisdom, and the real meaning and fulfillment in life.

The Figure 1904
The figure 1904 stands for the year the school was founded.

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Kindergarten Second Grading Exam - October 16 - 19

Elementary Second Grading Exam - October 23 - 25

Junior High School Second Grading Exam - October 19 - 20

Senior High School Second Grading Exam - October 19 - 20

College Final Exam - October 16 - 21

Graduate School Final Exam - October 21