Vision, Mission, and Goals


VISION: A globally-linked Christian university nurturing people and communities for transformative leadership and nation building.


FCU commits to

1. Instill Christian values among people and communities through holistic education;
2. Innovate models of development through research, knowledge management and community building;
3. Inspire transformative leadership and exemplary lives;
4. Initiate collaborative linkages and partnership with national and international organizations.


1. Perpetuates the Christian heritage of the school as a Church-related institution maintaining an ecumenical stance;
2. Demonstrates Christian love by reaching out and participating in the society building through community service;
3. Designs research-based development models on knowledge management and community building;
4. Establishes institutional self-sufficiency and sustainability;
5. Strengthens collaborative regional and international partnerships and linkages.

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 2017 Foundation Anniversary Celebration

Theme: FCU@113: Forever, a United Community Celebrating God's Goodness

August 21 - 25

Capiz Gym, FCU Gym, Roblee Hall


Commemoration Service - August 18|2pm|The Roblee Hall

Alumni General Assembly - August 19|8am|The Roblee Hall, FCU Gym

College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Homecoming (CAS@50) - August 20|8am|The Roblee Hall

Parade and Opening Ceremony - August 21|8am|Capiz Gym

Sports Competitions - August 17-25|FCU Gym

Literary and Socio-Cultural Competitions and Events - August 21-25|FCU Gym, The Roblee Hall