University Nursery & Kindergarten School

The Filamer Christian University Kindergarten School based its philosophy in Proverbs 22:6 which states: “Train up a child in the way he should go while he is young because when he becomes old he will not depart from it”. It believes that every child is full of potentials that are ready to be developed in a Christian atmosphere regardless of creed, economic and social status.

As one of the programs of Filamer Christian University, it supports the institutional thrust of providing children with quality, relevant, holistic education.

A dynamic pre-school education committed to quality and excellent pre-school program.

To provide relevant, quality and holistic pre-school education.

To help the child develop his personality by meeting his needs in actual living experiences through self-activity and prepared environment.

Areas of Development

  • Spiritual Development – This is provided through religious activities and area of Christian Living and Values Education where pupils demonstrate love of God and others, in their daily encounter with teachers and peers.
  • Physical Development – through gymnastics activities and games, muscular control of small and big muscles and coordination of movement in in-door and out-door plays are developed.
  • Emotional Development – Activities that develop the pupils’ self-confidence, initiative and maturity are provided to enhance this area of development of children.
  • Intellectual Development – This is provided through activities that prepare the child’s mind for later systematic learning, by developing his ability to think and observe and classify objects. He is helped to form basic concepts through first hand experiences in self-chosen and constructive activities.
  • Aesthetic Development – This is developed through activities that involve self-expression and appreciation of beauty and nature.
  • Social Development – Acceptance of the rules of democratic living, with the love for work and respect for the rights of others are developed as children inter-act with their teachers and their peers.

Subject Areas of Learning

  • Readiness in Science and Health
  • Readiness in Social Studies
  • Readiness in Mathematics
  • Readiness in Reading
  • Readiness in Filipino (for K2 only)
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 2017 Foundation Anniversary Celebration

Theme: FCU@113: Forever, a United Community Celebrating God's Goodness

August 21 - 25

Capiz Gym, FCU Gym, Roblee Hall


Commemoration Service - August 18|2pm|The Roblee Hall

Alumni General Assembly - August 19|8am|The Roblee Hall, FCU Gym

College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Homecoming (CAS@50) - August 20|8am|The Roblee Hall

Parade and Opening Ceremony - August 21|8am|Capiz Gym

Sports Competitions - August 17-25|FCU Gym

Literary and Socio-Cultural Competitions and Events - August 21-25|FCU Gym, The Roblee Hall