College of Hotel and Restaurant Management & Tourism


A premier college offering excellent Christian hospitality and tourism education in the region, thus contributing to social transformation, nation building and reign of God’s Kingdom.

To develop well-rounded Christian hospitality and tourism graduates equipped with relevant trainings and competencies, and imbued with positive values and attitudes through quality instruction, research and community extension services,all geared particularly towards the promotion of quality services in the hospitality and tourism industry, and generally in the furtherance of total development and transformation of society.


  1. To provide students with strong theoretical and practical training founded on Christian beliefs for management and enterpreneurial roles in the hospitality and tourism industry.
  2. To produce graduates who possess traits and competencies expected of future managers, enterpreneurs and leaders in the industry so as to assist in the development, growth and professionalization of the hospitality and tourism industry.
  3. To develop students to have high moral and ethical values; who can act in accordance with the moral and ethical standards of the profession.
  4. To inculcate knowledge and skills among students that could help them become productive and responsible members of society.
  5. To improve experiences that will develop student’s critical thinking, creativity and sound values desired in the practice of the profession.
  6. To develop entrepreneurial skills among students so that they will be able to help accelarate the economic development of the country and provide for them alternative careers in the industry.
  7. To promote knowledge and skills in developing network opportunities/linkages in the hospitality and tourism industries both locally and abroad.

Admission and Retention Policies

  1. Admission Requirements
  1. Open admission to all high school graduates
  2. Passing grades in the English and Mathematics placement tests
  3. Satisfactory interview results
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the school last attended
  5. Duly accomplished Student Information Sheet
  6. (For transferee) Must have passed 70% of the units enrolled during the previous semester.
  1. Retention
    To remain in good standing in the College of HRM, students must:
    1. maintain a general weighted average of 2.75 (77.79) or better in professional, major or concentration subjects.
    2. pass 70% of the units enrolled during the preceding semester. Students with incomplete grades should submit to the Dean or Adviser the accomplished “Certification on Completion” bearing the teacher’s comments on the cause/s of such incomplete grade before they be allowed to enroll
    3. comply with no. 1 and 2 of the above provisions, otherwise, he will be considered on probation, in which case, he will be allowed to take a maximum load of 15 units only poer semester and 6 units only during summer. Students in this case must pass 75% of the total number of units enrolled otherwise he will be dropped from the roll of the College.
    4. not be found pregnant during the course of her study; if single/unmarried female
    5. if married; submit the following:
    . a certified photocopy of the marriage contract
    . a copy of the approved request for a leave of absence
    . a medical advice/recommendation to rest or temporarily quit school
    6. have no attitudinal problem as evidenced by counseling, guidance and disciplinary sessions and incident report files
    7. have not been convicted of a crime
    8. must have not more than ten (10) failures including dropped or left subjects.
  2. For Student’s Affiliation/Practicum
    All the curriculum offerings of the College require practical experiences. The following are the requirements:
    1. Supervised field experience
    a. Passing grades in all the subjects are required
    b. Results of Xray; CBC, Fecalysis and other laboratory tests requested
    2. Practicum
    a. Passing grades in all subjects required in the course
    b. Photocopy grades from the registrar
    c. Duly accomplished application form

Course Offerings

  • Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management-(LEP) (Accredited Level I – ACSCU-AAI) – Recognition No. 001 s. 2005
  • Bachelor of Science in Tourism – 2009
  • Food & Beverage Service NC II (TESDA)
  • Housekeeping NC II (TESDA)
  • Commercial Cooking NC II (TESDA)


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