College of Nursing

Historical Background
The College of Nursing started in June 1972 in response to the articulated petitions of parents and students for the need of a nursing school which is responsible for community service. Its purpose is to provide educational instruction and training for college entrants; to offer a solution to shortage of nurses in other countries; and to make the nursing services available to the community particularly in the promotion of health and welfare of the people.

In more than 40 years of existence as the prime nursing school in the province of Capiz, the FCU College of Nursing has produced thousands of professional nurses working here and abroad, far and wide. Also, it is the only one in the province that produces topnotchers in the Nursing Licensure Exam. To date, it has already a total of 19 topnotchers in its roster. In 1996, it was also recognized as Top 5 Nursing school in the country.

At the present, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program of the College is the only one in the province that enjoys the Level III Accreditation by the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges, and Universities Accrediting Agency, Inc. (ACSCU-AAI).

Service to humanity as enunciated by the Great Physician when He said:”For even the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto but to minister and to give His life for many.”

A globally competitive Christian Nursing School

To provide a quality nuring education which is geared towards the preparation of creative, useful and Christian member of the society

The College of Nursing aims to provide a fully functioning Christian nurse who:

  • practices skills, knowledge, attitude for the promotion of health, prevention of illness, restoration of health, alleviation of sufferings, assisting clients to face death with dignity and peace.
  • develop a sensitive awareness to the health needs of society as well as commitment to the alleviation of problems arising thereof
  • develop research attitude through the use of nursing process. Such attitude among others leads to the utilization of research findings.

Admission, Retention and Promotion Policies

For Level I
In addition to the general admission policies for tertiary level, student applicants for the College of Nursing must submit the following requirements placed in a long plastic envelop upon enrollment:
1. An accomplished Personal Data Sheet (Forms available at the CN Office)
2. Two (2) copies of colored pictures in a white background with name and signature at the back
3. One (1) long self-addressed stamped envelop
4. Handwritten application letter addressed to the College of Nursing
Note: A medical check-up will be required for a student to qualify for Level II

For Level II
1. A medical clearance from the University Physician that the student has undertaken a medical work-up
2. Results of the laboratory examinations and other diagnostic procedures performed at the Capiz Emmanuel Hospital: CBC; Urinalysis; Fecalysis; Chest X-ray; Hepa B Screening
3. Cost of all the medical work-up will be shouldered by the student applicant.
4. Policy Form (Admission, Retention and Promotion) properly signed by the studentand parent/guardian over printed names.

Transferees, Shifters and Second Coursers
1. Students from other schools or other courses seeking admission to the College of Nursing shall be screened by the Admission Committee.
2. Students must have a general average of 2.0 or above, and must have no failing or incomplete grade.
3. In addition to the requirements for Level I the student must submit the following:
. Transcript of records for evaluation purposes
. Honorable dismissal/Transfer credentials from the school last attended (to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office)

Retention and Promotion to Level II
Retention in Level II does not guarantee promotion to Level III.
1. A general weighted average of least 2.0
2. Must have passed the nursing aptitude test
3. Must have passed the interview of the Admission Committee
4. In case of commission of a grave offense against College rules and regulations stipulated in the College Handbook or University Student Manual and if after the investigation, the student is found guilty, the College of Nursing reserves the right to refuse the student admission/acceptance to the College.

Retention and Promotion to Level III
Retention to Level III does not guarantee promotion to Level IV 

1. Must have a general weighted average of 2.0
2. Must have no violation of the general Policies on Admission, retention and Promotion Policy (refer to Policy Sec. VI)
3. In case of grave offense stipulated in the College Handbook or University Student Manual, and after thorough deliberation by the Committee, the College of Nursing reserves the right to refuse acceptance of the student to the College.

For Level IV
1. Must have a general weighted average of 2.0
2. Must have not committed grave offense or violation of the FCU Rules or that of the College of Nursing and the General Admission, Retention and Promotion Policy.

For Graduation
Only Fourth year students who have satisfactorily completed the requirements for graduation for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing prescribed by CHED which include:
a. extension and make up duties
b. OR and DR requirements
c. Clearance from all financial and other obligations to the School

General Policies on Admission, Retention and Promotion
1. Unmarried female students who are found pregnant will be dropped from the roll of the College of Nursing.
2. Married students must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Submit a copy of the marriage contract/license
  2. In case a married student gets pregnant, a leave of absence may be granted provided:
    1. she writes a request for a leave of absence
    2. she attaches a medical advice or recommendation to rest or temporarily quit school in the request letter
    3. she informs in writing about the approval/non-approval of the request
    4. that on or before the leave of absence is due to end, the student informs the College of her intention to return
    5. that a student who has been on leave of absence for medical reasons shall submit for medical check up by the University Physician and be cleared before she is allowed to re-enroll in the College of Nursing.

3. Students who leave the University without prior notice will not be re-admitted.
4. Students with attitudinal problems as evidenced by counseling sessions, guidance and disciplinary sessions, and incident report files may be refused admission/acceptance.
5. Students who are convicted of a crime shall be dropped from the rolls after due process
6. To stay in the College of Nursing a student should have no grade below 75% or its equivalent.
7. The College reserves the right to determine the number of students to be admitted based on the availability of the FCU faculty and agencies for RLE.

Course Offering

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Exam schedule for incoming Grade 1 and First Year College is every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY (MWF).

Exam schedule for incoming Grade 7 and Grade 11 is every TUESDAY and THURSDAY (TTh).

For more details, visit or call the FCU Guidance & Counseling Center at 6212-317/6212-318 local 140.