Academic Programs

School of Graduate Studies
• Doctor of Education – 2010
Majors: Educational Leadership, Physical Education, Social Science, Science Education
• Master in Business Administration – 2009

Majors: Hospitality Management, General Business Administration
• Master of Arts in Teaching (Accredited Level II – ACSCU-AAI) – 2000
Majors: English, Mathematics, General Science, Social Science, Filipino, Physical Education, Special Education, Early Childhood Education

College of Arts and Sciences
• Bachelor of Arts (Accredited Level III – ACSCU-AAI) – 1973
Major in: English, Economics, Community Development, Political Science and Theology
• Bachelor of Science in Biology – 2009
• Bachelor of Science in Mathematics – 2009
• Bachelor of Science in Social Work - 2016

College of Education
• Bachelor of Elementary Education (Accredited Level IV – ACSCU-AAI) – 1986
Specializations: General Education, Special Education and Pre-School Education
• Bachelor of Secondary Education (Accredited Level IV – ACSCU-AAI) – 1994
Specializations: English, Mathematics, Filipino, Biological Science, Social Studies
• Bachelor of Physical Education
Specializations: School P.E., Sports and Wellness Management
• Diplomate in Early Childhood Education
• Teacher Education Certificate (TEC)

College of Nursing
• Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Accredited Level III – ACSCU-AAI) – 1976

College of Business and Accountancy
• Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (Accredited Level I – ACSCU-AAI) – 2007
• Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Accredited Level III – ACSCU-AAI) – 1986
Majors in: Marketing Management, Human Resources Development Management and Financial Management
• Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology – 2010

College of Computer Studies/Engineering
• Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Ladderized Program) – 1996
• Bachelor of Science Information Management – 2005
• Bachelor of Science Information System – 2011
• Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – 2011
• Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering – 2008
• Computer Hardware Servicing NC-II (TESDA)

College of Criminal Justice
• Bachelor of Science in Criminology – 2008

College of Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism
• Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (Accredited Level II – ACSCU-AAI) – 2005

Specializations: Cruiseship Operation in Hotel Services, Hotel and Restaurant Operation (LEP), International Hotel Management in partnership with Canadian Institute of Business and Technology
• Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management – 2009
• Food & Beverage Service NC II (TESDA)
• Housekeeping NC II (TESDA)
• Cookery NC II (TESDA)
• Bartending NC II (TESDA)

Basic Education
• Nursery & Kindergarten School (Accredited Level II – ACSCU-AAI) – 1950
• Elementary School (Accredited Level III – ACSCU-AAI) – 1950
• Secondary School (Accredited Level III – ACSCU-AAI) – 1955

• Junior High School - GASTPE recipient (tuition fee subsidy from the government)
• Senior High School - Voucher Program (tuition fee subsidy from the government)

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 2017 Foundation Anniversary Celebration

Theme: FCU@113: Forever, a United Community Celebrating God's Goodness

August 21 - 25

Capiz Gym, FCU Gym, Roblee Hall


Commemoration Service - August 18|2pm|The Roblee Hall

Alumni General Assembly - August 19|8am|The Roblee Hall, FCU Gym

College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Homecoming (CAS@50) - August 20|8am|The Roblee Hall

Parade and Opening Ceremony - August 21|8am|Capiz Gym

Sports Competitions - August 17-25|FCU Gym

Literary and Socio-Cultural Competitions and Events - August 21-25|FCU Gym, The Roblee Hall