General Admission Policies and Requirements

Admission to study at Filamer Christian University is a privilege and not a right, and so it is discretionary upon the University. There are standards that must be met, and policies to be followed and sustained. A Filamerian, must uphold the vision, mission, and goals of the University.

A student may be denied re-admission to FCU for the following reasons: academic deficiency, violation of university rules and regulations, closure of the program, or closure of the school.

Elementary School

A. New Pupils (Grade I and Transfer Pupils)

  1. Only pupils with kindergarten education are admitted to Grade I.
  2. Kindergarten graduates of this University will be given priority in the scheduling for an entrance test.
  3. Pupils from other schools with Kindergarten education, may be accommodated depending on the availability of slots.
  4. Transferees (Grade II-VI) shall take entrance tests scheduled during the enrollment period.
  5. NSO generated Certificates of Live Birth (photocopy), F-138 (Report Card) and Certificate of Good Moral Character shall be submitted to the Admission Committee upon enrollment.

B. Old/Continuing Pupils

  1. Old/Continuing pupils should present their F-138 (Report Card) to the Admission Committee upon enrollment.

Secondary School

A. Requirements for Freshmen

  1. Results of the entrance tests with a raw score of not lower than 25 points
  2. The general average from the elementary school of not less than 85% and without failing grades
  3. Form 138 (Report Card)
  4. Certificate of good moral character
  5. Clear copy of NSO generated Certificate of Live Birth
  6. 1 piece of 2 x 2 ID picture

B. For Transfer Students

  1. A cut-off score in the FCU-HS Achievement Test
    Second Year – 30 points or above
    Third Year – 40 points or above
    Fourth Year – 50 points or above

Note: Students with a general average below 80% and with failing grades shall submit themselves for screening to the FCU-HS Committee.

Tertiary Level

A. New Graduates from High School

  1. A general average of 85% as evidenced by the original report card (Form 138)
  2. A score of 30 points or above in the Mental Ability Test and a score of 34 points and above in the College Entrance Test in English. Students with a score of 33 points or below will be advised to enroll English 100.
  3. Certificate of good moral character from the HS Principal/Guidance Counselor.
  4. Photocopy of NSO-generated Certificate of Live Birth
  5. Photocopy of Marriage License (if married)
  6. Physical and mental fitness as certified by physician.

B. Transferees & Graduates of Other Courses

  1. A general average of at least 2.0 or its equivalent grade as evidenced by an original copy of transcript of records.
  2. Certificate of good moral character.
  3. Photocopy of NSO-generated Certificate of Live Birth
  4. Photocopy of Marriage License (if married)
  5. Physical and mental fitness as certified by physician.

C. Nursing Entrants
In addition to the requirements listed in A, applicants for entrance to the College of Nursing are required to:

  1. Have a raw score of 95 points or above in the Nursing Aptitude Test which is given Duting the second semester of the first year.
  2. Submit recent original results of the following: diagnostic tests: Chest X-ray; Hepatitis B Screening Test; Complete Blood Count; Fecalysis and Urinalysis issued by the Capiz Emmanuel Hospital to the School Physician for evaluation.
  3. Undergo further screening and evaluation; if applicants have physical defects however, the College of Nursing has the right to refuse them admission.
  4. Conform to the following conditions; (if married – Female)
    1. She submit a photocopy of her marriage contract/license
    2. She agrees not to get pregnant during the period of her entire study, if possible.
    3. She submits a waiver, signed by both her husband and her, that in case she gets pregnant, she will voluntarily apply for a leave of absence for one year and may continue her study only the following year after delivery.

Graduate School

A. Admission Requirements
Students applying for the masters degree program must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must have completed the regular undergraduate program with the Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Must have a general weighted average of 2.0 or higher in the undergraduate program. Students with general average lower than 2.0 may be allowed a temporary enrollment
  3. Must have proficiency in English and
  4. Must be morally and physically fit

Doctor of Education Program (Ed.D.)

Admission to the program begins with an interview with the Dean and the review of the candidate’s official transcript of records. The Candidate:

  1. Must pass the entrance examination given by the Graduate School
  2. Must have completed the Regular masterate program from an accredited institution
  3. Must have a general weighted average of 1.75 or higher,
  4. Must have proficiency in English and
  5. Is morally and physically fit.




A. Freshmen and Transfer Students

1. Take entrance examination at the Guidance & Counseling Center after presenting receipt of payment of entrance examination fee; then wait for the result.
2. Submit all admission requirements to the Registrar’s Office; a requisite for the issuance of Registration Form (RF).
3. Apply for an official school ID at the Office of Student Affairs and fill up the student profile Form.
4.Seek the advise of the Level Adviser and get a copy of the schedule of classes.
5. Ask for the assessment of fees from the Accounting Office.
6. Go to the Cashier’s Office for payment
7. Pay the PTEA membership fee
8. Return to the Registrar’s Office for final enrollment.
9. Report to the Department Chairperson/teachers for the class roll.

B. Continuing Students

1. Submit accomplished clearance form to the Registar; and ask for RF
2. Validate school ID at the Office of Student Affairs
3. Seek advise of Level Adviser and get the schedule of classes
4. Have the assessment of fees from the Accounting Office
5. Go to the Cashier’s Office for payment of fees
6. Pay the PTEA membership fee
7. Return to the Registrar’s Office for final enrollment
8. Report to the Department Chairpersons/teachers for the class roll.


Before enrollment, students are advised to submit to their advisers their class cards for all the subjects enrolled the previous semester. The year level adviser is tasked to appraise these subjects during enrollment period.

A student with incomplete grade is advised to complete his grade within a period of one year. Otherwise the incomplete grade automatically becomes a failing grade (5.0)


Subjects enrolled without the necessary pre-requisites shall not be credited regardless of the grades obtained.


The basis of accreditation is the descriptive title and not the course number. Where there is uncertainty, the transferee shall be required to submit a detailed course description of the subject in question from his/her school of origin.


A full load shall be based upon the number of units prescribed in the approved curriculum per semester. No student shall be allowed to enroll an extra load without the approval of the Dean and the Registrar. Applications for extra load shall therefore be courses through their Offices.

Sequencing of subjects must be strictly followed. No student is allowed to enroll and earn credits in advance subjects unless he has passed the pre-requisite subjects. A student is allowed to carry a load of 2 units only for Physical Education. NSTP is a part of the subject load for freshmen pursuant to government regulations.


The changing or dropping of subjects needs to be endorsed by the Department Chairpersons and approved by the Dean. It must be received at the Registrar’s Office within the prescribed period, usually within the first eight days after the close of enrollment period.

A student who desires to withdraw or drop a subject must notify the Dean, the Registrar and the Business Office for possible refund. Unless proper notification is duly made to said authorities, such withdrawal will not be considered official.

A student who drops a subject with the approval of the Dean shall be considered withdrawn, while a student who fails to withdraw shall be considered: dropped”.

Any student who drops/withdraws his subjects after the prescribed period for changing or dropping shall be charge accordingly.


Cross enrollment may be allowed under the following conditions:
1. The subjects to be taken are not offered in the Mother School during the particular term the student is enrolled.
2. The total load must not exceed the prescribed number of units in the curriculum for the particular term.
3. The student is graduating that particular term.


1. Only graduating pupils/students shall be allowed to take special/tutorial classes.
2. Requests for special/tutorial classes shall be strongly recommended by the Dean/Principal/Unit Head.
3. A student is allowed to take a maximum load of two (2) subjects only in the tutorial/special classes.
4. Subjects requested for special/tutorial classes shall in no way be offered during the semester.
5. Only full-time faculty teaching the subject can teach the special/tutorial class.
6. Subjects in the special/tutorial classes shall be enrolled; the corresponding tuition fees be paid; and these shall be included in the teacher’s program or schedule of classes for that term.
7. Approval of the VP-for Academic Affairs and the President is necessary.
8. The Administration reserves the right to approve or disapprove the request for the special/tutorial classes.


1. In order to stay in the University a student who is under probation during his/her first year should be have an average grade of not less than 2.25 and with no failing grade.
2. To remain in good standing, a student must have passed at least 755 of the units he has enrolled.

For inquiries, please contact the:

Office of the Registrar

Filamer Christian University, Roxas Avenue, Roxas City, 5800 Philippines
Fax: (036) 6213-075

Phone: (036) 6210-471 | 6212-318 Local 119
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Exam schedule for incoming Grade 1 and First Year College is every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY (MWF).

Exam schedule for incoming Grade 7 and Grade 11 is every TUESDAY and THURSDAY (TTh).

For more details, visit or call the FCU Guidance & Counseling Center at 6212-317/6212-318 local 140.