Policies on Subjects & Refunds

Changing & Dropping of Subjects

Changing and Dropping of subjects shall be done as endorsed by the Departmental Chairperson and approved by the Dean and it must be received at the Registrar’s Office within the prescribe period, usually within the first eight days after the close of enrollment.

Any student who desires to withdraw or drop must notify the Dean, the Registrar and the Business Office for possible refund. Unless proper notification is duly made to said authorities, such withdrawal will not be considered official.

A student who drops a subject with the approval of the Dean shall be considered withdrawn while student who fails to withdraw shall be considered ”dropped”.

Any student who drops or withdraws his/her subjects after the prescribed period shall be charged accordingly.

Rules of Refund

For Higher Education

  1. Eighty Percent (80%) of tuition and fees assessed except registration fee, is refunded if the student drops or withdraws within two weeks from the beginning of classes as per school calendar (within 6 days during summer).
  2. If he drops or withdraws after the second week, (after 6 days during summer) 50% will be refunded.
  3. No refund or credit is allowed if the student drops or withdraws after four weeks from the beginning of classes (after the 12th day of summer).

For the Elementary

  1. No refund shall be given for all miscellaneous fees
  2. Tuition fee shall be prorated for ten months


  1. Children of Faculty and Staff who have no failing grades marks shall receive the following discounts
    • 1st Child – 100% discount on tuition
    • 2nd Child – 75% discount on tuition
    • 3rd Child – 50% discount on tuition
  2. Family Discount – Families with 3 or more children studying in this University who have no failing grades/marks shall have a 20% discount for each child.
  3. Cash Discount – a 5% discount shall be given to a student who pays his tuition and fees upon enrollment.
  4. Children of mass media practitioners would have 10% discount on tuition.
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