Student Affairs Office

Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is one component which complements the academic programs of the University. It serves as the liaison with other offices and the general public on matters which concern student development, student discipline, student activities and student organizations.


The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) envisions every Filamerian to be well-disciplined, responsible, truly progressive and happy individuals in the future.


To provide students with opportunities for the promotion and enhancement of their physical, mental, social and spiritual development.


1.To facilitate and provide opportunities for students to develop and enhance leadership capabilities through active participation in various activities and programs of the school and the wider community.

2.To initiate, coordinate and recommend specific services, which facilitate the promotion and enhancement of student’s physical, social, mental and spiritual development.

3.To establish and promote the proper mode of conduct necessary to attain harmonious relationship with fellow students and school personnel's as envisioned in the school’s objectives.

Functions and Responsibilities of the Director of Student Affairs

The Director of Student Affairs (DSA)

1. Orients students of the academic community

2. Facilitates the conduct of participation of students in training programs designed to develop leadership potentials, certain values, attitudes and behavior patterns of future Christian leaders.

3. Coordinates student activities, which are important to the total development of students.

4. Supervises and regulates the activities and operations of all duly recognized student organizations with the assistance of the Student Organization Committee (SOC), and screens applications for recognition of student organizations.

5. Investigates reported cases of misbehavior and recommends disciplinary sanctions for offenses/violations of the school rules and regulations.

6. Establishes linkages with other student support services units in the university and other socio-civic organizations to facilitate personal growth and development of students as total persons.

7. Supervises the implementation & proper use of school ID.

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