FCU Review and Training Center


A center of excellence in review and training committed to high quality development of professionals.


To provide excellent review and continuing education programs for the enrichment of knowledge and enhancement of skills.


To produce quality professionals that will become effective contributing members of society.


  1. To bring out the best test performance of graduates in professional licensure examinations to enable them to become professionals in their careers.
  2. To develop and improve the skills of professionals through continuing education programs.
  3. To foster linkages and networking with other agencies in the quest for quality services.
  4. To build up resource generation to be able to contribute to the revenues of the school.
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Kindergarten Second Grading Exam - October 16 - 19

Elementary Second Grading Exam - October 23 - 25

Junior High School Second Grading Exam - October 19 - 20

Senior High School Second Grading Exam - October 19 - 20

College Final Exam - October 16 - 21

Graduate School Final Exam - October 21