Five Filamerians enter circle of Ten Outstanding Studes of Capiz

Four graduating college students and one Grade 10 student of Filamer Christian University were shortlisted to the 5th Batang Capiznon Awards: Search for Ten Outstanding Students of Capiz - Tertiary and Secondary Levels.

Hannah Apruebo (AB-English), Leo Art Diosep Borres (BS Biology), Roland Manuel Alado (BS Accountancy), and John Ituralde, Jr. (BS Biology) were among those who entered the Top 10 in the Tertiary Level while the sole nominee of the High School Department, Jed Hallen Forro (Grade 10)  also made it to the list in the Secondary Level.

Forro, who was tapped to deliver a speech during the awarding ceremony said, "Being outstanding students in the Province of Capiz do not necessarily mean that we are greater and more excellent than the others. It just means that we are now ready to take on the greater and bigger challenge and that is to live up to the title ‘Outstanding Students’, to live up to the four pillars: academics, leadership, character and service and to use these to empower other people especially the youth of this 21st century".


Forro, FCU Grade 10 student , delivers his speech after being included in the Ten Outstanding Students of Capiz - Secondary Level.

There were also special citations such as TOSOC Writer Award - Tertiary Level which was awarded to Leo Art Diosep Borres, while the TOSOC Best in Scrapbook was given to Jed Hallen Forro and Roland Manuel Alado for both secondary and tertiary levels respectively.

There were 17 finalists for the Secondary Level while there were 20 for the Tertiary who came from different public and private schools in the province. The Top Ten for each category were chosen based on the documents they have submitted through a Scrapbook. Highlighted are their academic performance, extracurricular activities, community service, written and oral interview, and participation in the leadership and team building formation held by the organizers.

The Search for Ten Outstanding Students of Capiz is a yearly activity spearheaded by the Borres Youth Leadership Institute (BYLI) in coordination with the Provincial Government of Capiz.

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