Health Services Unit


A dynamic Christian Institution for quality and healthy life.


To provide quality services for the improvement of one’s life.


1.To develop the total well-being of the students through quality health services in a Christian atmosphere.
2.To promote health awareness and consciousness
3.To participate in society building through community services and dental services based centers.

Medical Clinic

The medical clinic has a part time physician, 2 full-time nurses and a medical aid. The scope of services of the medical clinic includes;

1.Scheduling physical examinations of the faculty, staff and students
3.Dressing wounds.
4.Physician/referred injections after proper authorization.
5.Giving treatment of injuries and illnesses.
6.Conducting/referring to hospitals of serious and urgent cases whenever possible, after coordination with parents/guardians.
7.Giving free initial doses of medicine to first aid and emergency cases.

Physical Examination

General physical examination is required of all pupils, students, faculty and staff. The Health Services Unit of the University ensures that the general health and well-being of everyone is sustained. It is the school’s policy that students enrolled are physically fit to undertake educational programs and the members of the faculty and staffs are physically able to do their jobs. In addition to this, the annual checkup determines that the educational campus environment is desirable and free of any public health threats and hazards.

The physical examination for all first year and new students is done every June to August. For university employees, yearly checkup is a requirement and is done before the start of the next academic year. This general concern is the responsibility of the Health Services Unit.

Dental Clinic

The dental Clinic has one (1) full-time dentist and two (2) dental aids. The scope of services of the Dental Clinic covers:

1. Giving dental examination to all first year and transfer students and keeping individual record for each of them.
2. Rendering emergency dental treatment.
3. Making referrals and follow-up of all cases referred to by the student’s family dentist.
4. Giving free general oral prophylaxis (brushing only)
5. Making temporary fillings for deep cavities.

There are a number of dental procedures in the clinic, in which the minimal fee is charged for additional expenses in anesthesia and other medicines and for filling; for the maintenance of dental equipment and facilities. These procedures are:

1. Extraction of permanent teeth.
2. Extraction of temporary teeth (with injection)
3. Permanent (amalgam) filling
4. Permanent (composition of synthetic) filling
5. General oral prophylaxis with scaling and brushing

Note: These procedures of dental services are beyond the school’s financial capability and scope of basic dental services.

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