Mass Media & Publication Office


1.To supervise all publications on campus
2.To publish the official newsletter of the University
3.To prepare and Produce all necessary promotional materials
4.To conduct promotional activities
5.To transform the office into an information center by establishing an information database

The Mass Media and Publication Office supervises the publication of all campus papers, journals, magazines or newsletters. The office also does publication outside the campus particularly in the Province of Capiz and neighboring towns and areas through Roadshow and Market Saturation.

• Roadshow – a program of Mass Media Affairs to promote the school in the Province of Capiz and its neighboring areas and towns where the office go to different secondary school and do some performances and promote and talk about what’s within the institution, the courses offered, university facilities, buildings and tuition fees.
• FCU Culture Arts and Sports Troupe (CAST) – Roadshow Team. Participated by the selected students of College of Computer Studies and this idea are originally from the Dean of College of Computer Studies, Mr. Jonathan E. Adjijil. This was also supported by other College departments where they sent some of their students to join the roadshow to present and promote their college department.
• Market Saturation – promote the university in a market of towns or municipalities. Compose of one representative in each college departments. They give flyers, talk about the institution or even answer the question of the people.

Hillside Echo

The Hillside Echo is the official student publication of the University it is a pro-student, pro-people publication which primarily seeks for the truth, through a balance, fair, and accurate reporting of issues and events in and outside the university community. The Hillside Echo Jr. and the Elementary Units respectively. The Filamerian,on the other hand is the annual yearbook for all graduating pupils and students from the nursery to the College Levels.

There are three (3) ways that students can become members of the Hillside Echo staff:

1. By examination – The incumbent members of the staff initiates the holding of a qualifying examination for the new staff, recommends to the adviser the outputs of potential members, and the adviser finally decides who among the examinees should be accepted. 

2. By recommendation – Considering the idea that the Hillside Echo must represent all the tertiary departments of the University. The Deans/Unit Heads of each department shall recommend no more than two (2) department representatives to the Hillside Echo staff. In no way can the Dean/Unit Head change his recommendee as soon as the recommendation letter has been accepted by the Adviser of the publication. The student recommend to the Hillside Echo staff shall serve at least one (1) school term before he may be replaced by another.

3. By virtue of previous membership – Students who have been members of the Hillside Echo staff through the examination or recommendation may retain their membership when the Adviser finds them worthy of another term because of the contribution they have made to the publication.

The Staff

• Editor-in-chief
• Associate Editor
• Managing Editor
• Feature Editor
• News Editor
• Literary Editor


The school provides the total budget for the publication for the academic year. The Advider, together with the staff propose a budget for expenses of the publication, submit this to the Mass Media and Publication Coordination for endorsement, who forwards the same to the University President for approval.

The Filamerian (The School Yearbook)

1.Favorable endorsement of the graduating students and their parents is required. 

2.The Department Editors shall be appointed by their respective Unit Head. Their responsibilities shall be defined by the Year Book Adviser/s.

3.The Mass Media and Publication Coordinator who acts as the Adviser of the Year Book shall supervise the Filamerian Staff.

4.The Business Office shall take charge of the following:

• Ensures that the rules on proper canvassing are followed
• A contract of printing between the school and the printing press has been executed.
• Make sure that the contact includes 

> Date for the submission of the dummy
> Date of delivery
> The number of copies ordered, the specification and the amount


5.The Filamerian fees shall be deposited in the bank.

6.The Filamerian fees/funds shall be primarily used for the printing of the Year Book.

7.Snacks of the Editorial staff may be charged against the Filamerian funds as reflected in the approved budget.

8.Photography may be arranged by the Adviser and the Filamerian Staff with the approval of the University Administration. However, students may have their own preference for photography, provided that basic criteria set by the Filamerian staff is met.

9.The period for printing should not exceed one (1) school year.

Aside from the Echoes and the Filamerian, each College has an official magazine or journal: To mention:

1.The Rabbi – College of Education
2.Voice of Nightingale (VON) – College of Nursing
3.Herald – College of Arts and Sciences
4.Postscript – College of Computer Studies
5.Sketch – College of Electronics and Communication Engineering
6.The Hoteliers and Restaurateurs – College of Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism
7.The Statement – College of Business and accountancy
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