NAFSA 17: A big leap in FCU's internationalization

By: Dr. Indaylou B. Almeida, Director, FCU Office for International Programs


The Philippine delegation is all set for their meetings and networking at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Filamer is represented by Dr. Indaylou B. Almeida, Director for International Programs, (2nd from left) and Dr. Minnie P. Chan, Vice President for Academic Affairs (3rd from left). (Photo credit: U.S. Embassy, Manila, Philippines)

NAFSA is the biggest association and convention of international educators. It has an educational exposition that facilitates to expand communities and strengthens connections. It basically expands ones network of collaboration and cooperation among educational institutions worldwide. Among others, it entails to find partners for educational and cultural programs, research consortium and scholarships for international students, faculty and staff exchanges and opportunities even to include for its administrators and members of the Board.

But for the firs timers that is Filamer, NAFSA17 could mean not only fulfilling CHED's mandate for internationalization of Philippines HEIs that is now inscribed in its vision to be a globally-linked Christian university, but it likewise becomes a forum for effective benchmarking, exploring and learning to grow at better competitiveness, if not at par with other educational institutions in the world yet admittedly far far reaching.


The Philippine delegation visiting the University of Southern California. (Photo credit: Karol Mark Yee FB)

Joining NAFSA17 introduces for the first time, provincially but peacefully located FCU to the international community, its century-rich historical existence, the Christian foundation it was known for, its nurturing quality and spirit, and the virtuous symbolism it stands on, for it to find compatible partners to grow and developed with.

Joining NAFSA17 is another big leap for FCU's internationalization, an initiative of its Office for International Programs and VP for Academic Affairs.

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