Office of the Chaplain


The transformation and total development of human personality to the end that every individual becomes morally responsible to himself, to God and to others.


To create a greater impact to the spiritual life and the ministry of the University through a more comprehensive and integrated campus ministry program; to strengthen faith and moral responsibility among its constituents through: 

• The cultivation of a more meaningful and enriching worship experience among FCU administrators, personnel, and students.
• The development of a strong corporate or community life of mutual sharing, caring and serving.
• The continuous preaching and teaching of the Word of God, Fellowship, Group study and Reflections.


1. Provide opportunities for the transformation of living through Christian influence and nurture.
2. To saturate all areas of campus life and Christian influence through living, teaching, preaching and promoting Christ – centered environment of love, care and forgiveness among the members of FCU community.
3. To develop awareness of the Christian ideals and value among the faculty, staff and students.
4. To inculcate reverence and love of God in the hearts of every constituent.
5. To equip Administration, faculty, staff and students with knowledge and skills to become effective and faithful witnesses for Christ.
6. To uphold one another as brothers and sisters and express genuine love for one another in a Christian University.
7. To practice the Christian ideals of an exemplary Christian life in cleanliness, decision-making, honesty, humility and moral life.
8. To strengthen the worship and prayer life of the members of the University community.

Services Offered by the Chaplain’s Office

1. Pastoral Counseling
2. Free tracts and Bible Distribution
3. Referrals
4. Bible study and Devotionals
5. Marriage solemnizing
6. Child Dedication
7. Home and Hospital Visitations
8. Vigil service
9. Devotional Guide Publication
10. Prayer
11. Symposium/Forum/Lectures
12. Camps
13. Leadership Trainings
14. Cell Groups
15. Christian Emphasis Week
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Kindergarten Second Grading Exam - October 16 - 19

Elementary Second Grading Exam - October 23 - 25

Junior High School Second Grading Exam - October 19 - 20

Senior High School Second Grading Exam - October 19 - 20

College Final Exam - October 16 - 21

Graduate School Final Exam - October 21