School Uniform & ID Policy

For the sake of economy, identity and security reasons, the school prescribes an official school uniform for female and students enrolled at FCU

A. General Guidelines/policies

1. All students are required to wear the prescribed school uniform on the class days

For men:
• White polo with logo on breast pocket, plain white undershirt properly tucked-in
• Black pants, black leather shoes, white socks

For women:
• Light blue skirt, white blouse
• Close black shoes

2. Students who are not wearing the prescribed uniform may be allowed to attend classes after the guard at the gate or any school authority has the ID and has turned it over to the OSA. The student however, is marked absent in the class he attended and will be required to present an excuse letter the next time he comes to his class.

3. The following are considered inappropriate and therefore should be avoided:

For men: 
• Sleeveless shirts (sando)
• Tattered jeans/pants
• Sandals worn without socks
• Slippers (rubber or otherwise)
• Knee-length pants/shorts
• Earrings, body tattoo, hair clips, head bands
• Colored/dyed hair/long hair (longer than 1 inch above the brows, more than 3 inches above the collar line)
• Long mustache

For women:
• Tight-fitting jeans or dresses
• Blouse with low necklines/spaghetti straps/tube top/exposing the navel
• Haltered sleeves/see-through dresses
• Shorts/knee-length pants
• Slippers
• Double-earrings, anklets
• Tattoo in the body
• Colored/dyed hair

4. Students with classes on week-ends (except graduate school students) are expected to be in their uniform when entering the campus.

5. The prescribed PE uniform shall be worn during PE classes only. The PE teachers should give students sufficient time to change from their school uniform to their PE uniform and vice versa before and after classes as the case maybe.

6. Clubs/organizations/OJT uniforms may be worn with their logos during special occasions or celebrations like the Foundation Week Celebration, Sports fest, Club/Organizations Day.

7. The wearing of sports/athletic shorts, tights, panty shorts/cycling shorts in classes or in campus is not allowed except during sports training and competitions or in special occasions approved by the proper authorities. The same shall be worn only in the athletic field, swimming pools, gym, court as the case maybe.

8. Students who will be on the job training (OJT) may have an OJT uniform which shall be decided by the students together with their adviser and approved by the Student uniform Committee.

9. A student may be exempted from wearing the school uniform for the following reasons:

• Part-time studies
• Pregnancy
• Regular employment

10. Exemptions may be granted only after compliance with the requirements of the OSA.

School Identification Card Policy

1. All students are required to have an official student Identification Card printed by the University Enterprise. The school ID shall be worn before entering the campus with the student’s picture visibly displayed at the front of the body.

2. The “NO ID, NO ENTRY” policy shall be strictly enforced at the gates.

3. Nameplates should not replace the school ID.

4. Confiscated ID’s should be claimed at the OSA within 48 hours after they had been confiscated.

5. Students who lost their cards are required to submit an affidavit of loss to the OSA so that they may be given a gate pass. They are ten advised to apply for an ID replacement after complying with the following requirements:

• Affidavit of loss
• Official receipt of payment of ID reprint fee of P110.25 from the Cashiers Office

6. Mutilated/Damaged ID cards shall be confiscated and be replaced after the procedural requirements have been compiled with.

7. No students shall have two (2) ID cards at the same time. Found ID cards should be surrendered to the OSA.

8. The cards have the following uses:

• For entry to the campus
• For official business transactions with the administration and other offices
• For claims of personal letters and other documents
• For admission to official functions of the University
• For signing of clearance (School IDs of graduating students are surrendered to the OSA after clearance forms had been signed.)
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