Student Discipline

Student Discipline

Like all other institutions, Filamer Christian University exercises its authority to maintain good discipline when students engaged in activities inside and outside of the school premises.

The Manual of Regulations for Private schools (MRPS,. s. 1992) provides:

Section 74. Authority to Maintain School Discipline. Every private school shall maintain good school discipline inside the school campus as well as outside the school premises when pupils and students are engaged in activities authorized by the school.

Section 75. Imposition of Disciplinary Action. School officials and academic personnel shall have the right to impose appropriate and reasonable disciplinary measures in case of minor offenses or infractions of good school discipline committed on their presence. However, no cruel or physically harmful punishment shall be imposed or applied against any pupil or student.

Section 76. Filing of Administrative Action. When the offense committed is serious and circumstances so warrant, the school Head shall cause the filing of the corresponding administrative action against the erring student or pupil. No disciplinary sanction shall be applied against any pupil or student except for cause as defined in the rules and regulations of the school or in this Manual and after due process shall have been observed. The punishments shall be commensurate with the nature and gravity of the offense.

The OSA is charged to supervise the behavior and conduct of the students and see that they strictly observe the University rules and regulations. It sees to it that these had been clearly and widely disseminated to all students through the orientation programs, announcements, forum and the like.

Types of Violations and Offenses: Sanctions

Offenses are classified into the following with their corresponding sanctions:

1. Major Violation or Offenses – These are acts that cause serious damage to a student’s honor and dignity as a person as well as to the property, name and honor of the University which are punishable by suspension, dropping or expulsion.

2. Minor Violations or Offenses – These are acts that cause considerable damage to one’s honor and dignity as a person and to the property or the honor of the University which are punishable by suspension and/or restitution.

3. Slight Violations or Offenses – these are acts that a student must avoid to enable the University to maintain peace and order; cleanliness and the desired Christian atmosphere inside the campus. These acts are punishable by admonition or censure.

Violations/Offenses Which Are Subject to a School Disciplinary Action

A. Major Violations/Offenses:

1. Coming to school drunk and under the influence of liquor or any harmful and prohibited drugs.
2. Bringing into and/or drinking within the campus of intoxicating drinks and other harmful and outlawed drugs.
3. Vandalism – destroying, defacing or violating rules governing the use of any University facility or property.
4. Hazing/Participation thereto in any form that is injurious to health.
5. Threatening, assaulting students, faculty members, other employees and school authorities.
6. Cheating during examinations.
7. Tampering and forging school records, documents, forms and other credentials.
8. Carrying around of deadly weapons and any bladed objects.
9. Provoking a violent confrontation, rumble, melee and the like within or outside the campus.
10. Producing and/or distributing written, printed or mimeographed materials containing language that is defamatory, slanderous, libelous
11. Smoking inside campus premises and within 100m. distance from the perimeter of the university.
12. Violence, armed or any other kind
13. Using indecent language either verbal or written and conducting oneself lewdly
14. Possession of obscene, immoral and pornographic materials
15. Insubordination to proper school authority
16. Defaming students/faculty members/any school authority/or the honor and integrity of the University
17. Violation of any penal status, rules and regulations of any valid order or component of the University authority
18. Any other conduct which threatens the health endangers life or safety of any person inside the University premises or which adversely affects student’s acceptability in the school campus.

B. Minor Violations/Offenses

1. Tampering official notices, announcements, etc. posted on the bulletin board or displayed as streamer
2. posting/Displaying materials of information without prior approval from proper school authority.
3. Participating verbally or physically in any violent trouble within the campus
4. Littering pieces of paper, dirt or any “refused”
5. Gambling or betting in any form
6. Disturbing classes and administrative functions directly or indirectly by voice or presence
7. Insulting abusively any student, faculty member, employees or any school authority

C. Slight Violations/Offenses

1. Violation of campus traffic rules
2. Coming to school without proper identification cards and/or using tampered identification cards
3. Violation of the uniform policy and the campus dress code
4. Talking and texting during classes, meetings, lectures and the like

D. Specific Offenses
The following are specific offenses that may justify the imposition of serious punishment when committed inside the campus.

1. Attempting to bribe the dean or any faculty member
2. Cursing and/or slapping a female student assistant in the library or school canteen.
3. Disrupting classes and barricading the university entrance
4. Assaulting a teacher, student and/or officials of another school
5. Beating up/Fighting with another student
6. Selling/Assisting in the sale of examination papers
7. Plagiarism
8. Falsely accusing another student and/or lying at the hearing of charges or investigations
9. Refusing to identify the students who violated a university regulation when he knew the students
10. Delivery of an offensively lewd and indecent speech which contains sexual metaphors

E. Misdemeanors
The following misdemeanors are subject to school discipline even when committed outside the campus.

1. Seriously assaulting a teacher or another person
2. Possession of prohibited drugs
3. Hazing
4. Sexual misconduct; indiscriminate display of affection in public; exposing private parts in public, and the like
5. Drinking/Being drunk and disorderly in public places in violation of an ordinance
6. Defaming students, faculty members, any school authority, or the honor and integrity of the university
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Exam schedule for incoming Grade 1 and First Year College is every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY (MWF).

Exam schedule for incoming Grade 7 and Grade 11 is every TUESDAY and THURSDAY (TTh).

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