Student Organizations

Filamer Christian University recognizes the right of students “to form, establish, join and participate in organizations and societies recognized by the school to foster their intellectual, cultural, spiritual and physical growth and developments, or to form, establish, join and maintain organizations and societies for purposes not contrary to law”. (Batas Pambansa Blg. 232 or Education Act of 1992).

Student Organizations in the campus are composed of bonafide students from all levels, from the elementary to tertiary. Through membership to any of these campus organizations, supervised by a full time faculty or staff of their choice, students have the opportunities to develop their leadership potentials, skills and individual talents. Campus organizations are also avenues for the development of certain values and attitudes that are necessary in building better social and interpersonal relationship with others.

Guidelines and Procedures for Recognition of Student Campus Organizations

All student organizations applying for recognition/renewal of recognition are screened, evaluated and endorsed by the DSA and the Student organizations Committee.

The Filamer Christian University Student Republic (FCUSR), the supreme student council is recognized as a legitimate student campus organization.

The Hillside echo, the hillside Echo Jr., the Graders’ echo and the Filamerian, which are the official papers and the annual yearbook, respectively are legitimate as well.

Procedure for Recognition

1. Any group of bonafide students/pupils may request permission to form an organization in writing.
2. A student may be allowed to join up to two (2) student organizations and may hold the position of president, vice-president, secretary or treasurer in only one organization within the same academic year.
3. Every student organization shall have at least one but not more than three advisers who are full-time faculty or staff of the University.
4. The advisers are expected to be present in all meetings of the organization. Together with the officers they are responsible for the conduct and discipline of the organization and its members.
5. The application letter duly signed by the student applicants shall be submitted for approval to the University President after it has been noted by the Adviser, favorably endorsed by the Dean and/or the University Chaplain (for religious organizations) and recommended for approval by the DSA.
6. The application letter shall state the purpose/s of forming the organization.
7. Campus organizations seeking recognition shall comply with the following requirements:

For new Applicants:

• Application letter addressed to the University President, noted by the Adviser, favorably endorsed by the Dean/Principal and or the University Chaplain (in the case of religious organization) and recommended for approval by the Director of Student Affairs
• Constitution and By-laws (CBL) of the organizations
• Calendar of activities/Action plan for the academic year
• List of officers and at least 25 members, their addresses, course and year, age, contact numbers
• Letter of acceptance of the Adviser of their choice

For Renewal of Application

• Organization’s annual report of accomplishment
• Two (2) copies of approved calendar of activities/action plan for the current year
• Treasurer’s financial report signed by the President of the organization, noted by the Adviser
• Revised Constitution and By-laws )if any)
• Annual evaluation of the organization’s performance

8. Student organizations shall be allowed to exist and operate only after all the requirements are complied and the Certificate of recognition has been issued by the DSA. Acceptance of the application, however, does not mean recognition of the organization.
9. At the end of every semester, student organizations shall submit to the OSA an accomplishment and financial report.
10. The University president may withdraw or cancel the recognition granted to any organization which does not abide by its statement of purpose/s or which is found guilty of violating the College Policies and Regulations.
11. Application for Recognition/renewal of recognition shall be submitted to OSA on or before the 45th day after the first day of the official opening of classes.
12. Elementary, High School and College Freshmen are not allowed to join in any fraternity or sorority in the campus.

Rights and Privileges of Recognized Student Campus Organizations

Only recognized student organizations may avail of the following rights and privileges:

1. Officially represent FCU as a recognized organization
2. Seek assistance from OSA for legitimate school function
3. Participate in institutional events/activities initiated by the FCUSR and the Hillside echo
4. Undertake fund-raising activities
5. Participate in the Search for Outstanding Student Organization
6. Use the facilities of the University subject to existing policies and procedures
7. Receive financial assistance from the Student Activities Fund (SAF) subject to existing policies, procedure and availability of funds

Classification of Student Campus Organization

1. Academic- organizations that enhance the academic proficiency of its members in their chosen field of study
2. Socio-civic- those whose objectives are geared toward the improvement of quality of service specially outside the campus
3. Religious- all organizations belonging to the evangelical faith professing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, the Bible as the sole authority in matters of faith and living in accordance to Christian principles.
4. Special interest- organization that develop appreciation for culture and for wholesome art, promote excellence in the field of interest

Evaluation of Campus Organization

1. Statement of purpose. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15%
The organization’s vision, mission and purpose are stated clearly and the members
Reflect them in their words, and their actions

2. Leadership-Involvement of Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20%
Open cooperation and open communication among members and officers are evident;
Linkages are established; trainings are conducted to develop leadership skills and values

3. Quality of Activities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25%
Activities conducted by the organization are relevant, sustainable and effective

4. Financial management. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15%
The organization shows financial integrity, transparency and sound allocations; promotion
Of profitable funds; and well-managed budget and ensured financial turn-over

5. Efficiency in process and in
Observation of requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10%
Organization observes promptness and punctuality in the submission and compliance
With all the requirements; securing approval of permits
for activities; documents are properly field; forms are appropriate and completely kept

6. Strong evidence of Filamerian Spirit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15%
Strong evidence of commitment of members to the ideals, VMG of the University; contribution
To the development of the “total person”; focused on the faith and stewardship

Average Rating of 75% = full accreditation
65% = probationary

Funds and Fund-Raising Activity

1. No student organization nor its officers may collect fees or any contribution of any sort for any purpose without prior approval of proper authority.

2. Official receipts for financial transactions entered into by the student organizations shall be issued only by the university Business Office. Temporary receipts for payment made may be issued by the student organization for accounting or auditing purposes only.

3. Unused financial holdings from the preceding year, if any, shall be carried over to the existing balance of the organization in the current academic year.

4. A report of the finances of the organization including its existing balance shall be submitted to the DSA, through the SOC.

Fund-Raising Activity
1. Fund-raising activities require approval of the University President through the endorsement of the DSA.
2. Student organizations are allowed only 2 major fund-raising activities per semester after complying with the following:

• A resolution or certified copy of the minutes of the organization meeting showing support of the activity by majority of the members.
• Endorsement of the activity by the Dean if it is related to an educational tour/trip or any academic course
• A formal letter stating the purpose, date and venue of the activity and the expected gross income.

3. Solicitation letters/tickets sales shall bear the endorsement of the DSA/or Dean (in case of academic related activity) who shall assign the control number to ensure the validity of each solicitation letter/ticket sales. Absence of endorsement of the DSA/Dean makes the letter/ticket unofficial. In this case the fund-raising activity shall be immediately canceled and proper sanctions, shall be employed to erring officials.

Guidelines in the Posting of the Information of Materials

1. No information materials shall be posted in officially designated areas without the approval of the DSA (for posters) and the Mass media Coordinators (for streamers).

2. Information material should reflect the standard of excellence of the University. They should be worked appropriately and neatly presented.

3. A maximum of ten (10) cartolina-size or twenty (20) bond paper-size of information may be posted in designated posting areas. The use of the glue, paste or rugby is strictly prohibited.

4. No information materials shall be posted on walls or in the doors of classrooms.

5. Quotations, excerpts and the like must bear the name of the author or the source.

6. Faculty advisers and student campus organization presidents shall assist in the implementation of the above guidelines. The Administrators, the faculty and staff shall have the power to remove any information materials which don’t conform to the above guidelines.

7. Any student campus organization which violates the above guidelines shall be sanctioned as follows:

1st offense - one (1) month suspension from posting information materials in the campus
2nd offense - appropriate sanctions to the officers to be determined by the discipline Committee

Some Existing Recognized organizations, Papers and Publications in the Campus

1. Junior Philippines Institute of account (JPIA)
2. Junior Entrepreneurs' Association (JEA)
3. Junior Personnel Management Association of the Philippines (JPMAP)
4. Filamerian Information Technology Circle (FIT Circle)
5. Every Nation Campus (ENC)
6. Inter-School Christian Fellowship (ISCF)
7. Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines (IECEP)
8. Political Science Student's Organization (POLITES)
9. Senior Red Cross Youth Organization
10. Multiple Intelligences Club
11. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF)
12. Capiz Leadership Experience Opportunity (LEO) Club
13. Young Artists Club
14. Math Pi-Rates
15. Filamer Biological Sciences (FBS)
16. Filamer Association of Majors in English (FAME)
17. Honor Society
18. Science Club (Elementary)
19. Mentors Circle
20. Education Christian Fellowship (ECF)
21. Filamer Christian University Student Republic (FCUSR)
22. The Filamerian
23. The Hillside Echo
24. ROTC
25. The Graders Echo
26. The Hillside Echo Jr.
27. FCU Silak Dance Company
28. Work Study Program Organization
29. Accounting Technology Society (ACTS)
30. Circle K International - FCU Chapter (CKI-FCU Chapter)
31. SPEDucators
32. Christ.Net
33. Green Advocates
34. Boy Scout of the Philippines
35. Young Reader's Club
36. FCU Flairshow Company (FFC)
37. Barkada Kontra Droga
38. Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF)
39. Science Club (High School)
40. The Rabbi
41. Capiz Baptist Youth Fellowship Union-FCU Chapter
42. Senior Girl Scout of the Philippines
43. The Statement
44. Patapaca Youth Movement
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Exam schedule for incoming Grade 7 and Grade 11 is every TUESDAY and THURSDAY (TTh).

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