Student Programs and Services

1. Orientation Program
The office of Student Affairs with the cooperation of the Guidance & counseling center and the Chaplain’s office initiates the conduct of a whole day general orientation and fellowship program in which all freshmen and transfer students are introduced to the history and culture of the University; the Key personnel and Head of Offices. School policies and regulations are presented and discussed. Later in the afternoon; students are welcomed to the academic community in a fellowship program designed for them.

2. Student Development
Seminars, Trainings and Conferences-to equip students with the leadership skills that they need to manage themselves more effectively, the OSA together with the Student Organization Committee, (SOC) and the Filamer Christian University Student Republic (FCUSR) oversees the conduct of the Annual Leadership Training Workshop for elected local and national officials of the Student Republic, officials of recognized student organizations, and their Advisers. Aside from building leadership potentials among student leaders, character is developed by integrating the formation of Christian values, commitment to service and the spirit of volunteerism in them.

To enhance the talents and skills of students in academics and the arts, students attend and participate in varied activities like seminars, convocations, competitions, formation programs sponsored by local, regional or national government and non-government agencies and organizations. To mention:

PACSA; VRYLI/NRYLI; AYALA CONGRESS; TOSP; etc. Cultural, Sports and Athletic activities. Are supervised by the Cultural and Sports Coordinators respectively. Among those actively participated in by the students are: Founders’ Day Celebration; Literary-musical Competitions; Sports and Athletic Competition; CAPRISA; WVPRISA; CAPTESA; WVRAA

3. Student Activities Assistance
In support to the development of leadership and other formation programs for students, the University appropriates funds for financial assistance to three students who represent it or their organizations in the regional, national and inter-national seminars, training, workshops, conferences, conventions, and competitions. Fifty percent (50%) of the requested budget for expected expenditures is given as financial assistance to each of the three delegates.

4. Accident and Health Care/Insurance
Every bonafide student is covered by a group personal health and accident insurance/care. It covers bodily injury caused by accident or sickness resulting to death or disablement (ADD); permanent total disability (PTD); medical or surgical treatment and hospital confinement. Claim forms are available and processed by the OSA.

5. The ID system
For security and safety reasons, the “NO ID, NO ENTRY” policy is enforced in the campus. Students are required to wear their ID all the time while in the campus. The University Enterprise undertakes the printing of the official ID of students and school personnel.

6. Recognition, Awards and Incentives
Every year students who show exemplary performance in various fields-academic, cultural, sports and athletics, religion and journalism are recognized in appropriate ceremonies. The office for Student Affairs assisted by the Institutional Student Awards Committee formulates the guidelines for these awards and submits these to the Administration for approval:

• Academic Awards
• Loyalty Awards
• Cultural Awards
• Sports and Athletic Awards

Guidelines for the Conduct of Student Activities

1. In campus and off-campus activities shall be conducted only after request to conduct the activity has been approved by proper authority.

2. The letter request shall include the ff: title & nature of the activity; objective/s; date; time; venue and sample program of activity.

3. Request to conduct an activity which is not in the approved calendar of activities shall be submitted at least 1 week before the schedule.

4. The presence of the faculty adviser during the activity is required. In case the faculty adviser is not available, he may be replaced provided the DSA is informed about the substitution/replacement.

5. In activities in which speakers or lecturers are to be invited, are to be invited, his resume shall be submitted at least 1 week before the schedule.

6. Report of the activity, noted by the Adviser shall be submitted to the DSA not later than 1 week after the activity. The report shall include:

• Title and nature of the activity
• Date, duration and venue
• Participation (as delegate, presentor, demonstrator, etc)
• Recognition or award received (individual or group)
• Names of participants
• Name of faculty adviser/coach
• Evaluation of the activity

7. To ensure that the activities are within the context of the VMG of the university, a preview/screening of the presentation shall be made by the committee created for the purpose. Except for the reason of exigency, all activities shall end on or before 10 pm. By this time the students shall be off the campus.

Field trips, educational tours, Off-campus Activities

A. Off-Campus Activities
1. Attendance of students or student organizations to any off-campus activity may be allowed upon the recommendation of the DSA and approval of the Administration. Submission of the following is necessary:

• Letter requesting for the attendance/participation in the activity stating the date, time and the venue
• Photocopy of the invitation letter
• Resume of the speaker (if the activity is a seminar, symposia, or the like)
• Name of the teacher/chaperon
• Itemized expenses to be possibly incurred
• Accomplished parental consent form
• Memorandum of understanding between the organization and the agency/community.
•Request for approval of the attendance/participation to the above activity shall be submitted to OSA for endorsement, two (2) weeks before the schedule of the activity/trip.

B. Field Trips
Filamer Christian University considers field trips, and exposure trips as essential curricular activities. The success and effectiveness of these activities depend largely on careful, cooperative pre-planning of teacher-advisers and students.
1. Field trips are extra-curricular and non-compulsory activities. Students who are unable to participate should not be fined or given penalty, by grade reduction or extra projects and assignments.

2. The field trip activity should be reflected in the approved calendar of activities or syllabi.

3. The trip/educational tour shall be planned by the teacher and the students, at least 20 days before the date. They should make sure that the places to be visited offer sufficient facilities which are relevant to the purpose of the trip.

4. The letter requesting approval for the trip shall be submitted to the OSA two (2) weeks before the actual schedule. The letter shall state the purpose/s, place/venue, and the date of the activity. This shall be endorsed by the Dean/Principal/OIC/department head where the class belongs. The VP-AA shall be furnished with the approved copy of the request letter.

5. For academic-related field trips or tours, a formal letter of intent to conduct the trip shall be submitted by the teacher-organizer to the DSA for endorsement, two (2) months before the schedule with the following attachment:

• Memorandum of understanding between the organizer and the agency/barangay official
• Name of the teacher-adviser/chaperon
• Objectives of the trip
• Nature of the activity
• Proposed itinerary including places of lodging
• Travel requirements and preference in transportation
• Recommended travel agencies
• Itemized expected expenses

6. An orientation shall be conducted by the chief Security officer and the teacher-adviser before the actual trip. Students should be oriented on the following:

• Objective/s of the trip
• Itinerary
• Norms of conduct and proper decorum
• Appropriate attire
• One (1) chaperon for every 25 students/pupils
• Materials and equipment needed
• Provision of meals
• First aid
• Provision for housing if necessary
• Transportation arrangement

7. Teachers should ensure that all participants are covered by accident insurance, and that they have submitted accomplished parents consent forms duly signed by parent/guardian.

8. Evaluation of the activity is required. This shall be submitted to the Dean/principal, copy furnished the DSA.

9. All field trips should proceed as initially planned, unless circumstances beyond control require a slight modification or its outright suspension or cancellation.

10. For general education subjects, only a one day trip is allowed; but for major subject where there is a need to expose students to institutions, company experiences and places related to the subject, one or more days may be considered.

Note: except under special circumstances, no student activity shall be allowed one week before any major examination, nor any educational trip/tour be scheduled after the pre-finals.

Curfew and Overnight Stay

Filamer Christian University shall observe curfew at 9:00 pm.
1. Request for overnight stay by students, classes or organizations shall be done in writing, addressed to the University President, favorably endorsed by the Dean, and recommended for approval by the Director of Student Affairs at least 3 days before the scheduled activity. Facilities to be used shall be specified and indicated with the exact period/time of use.

2. The request shall indicate the faculty adviser who shall be present the whole duration of activity, noted by the chief Security Officer.

3. Briefing of the rules of conduct and behavior shall be conducted by the officers and advisers.

4. Only those students with accomplished parental consent forms/waivers shall be allowed to join the activity.

5. Students are required to present their ID cards to the Guard on duty at the gate or any school authority upon request.

6. Student/s Groups/organizations who were granted curfew extensions are expected to wrap-up forty-five (45) minutes before the curfew hours and make their exit on time.

7. Students/Organizations that were to stay overnight are expected to be in by 9:00 pm. No one shall be allowed to enter the campus beyond this time nor leave the premises once they have settled without just reasons.

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Exam schedule for incoming Grade 1 and First Year College is every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY (MWF).

Exam schedule for incoming Grade 7 and Grade 11 is every TUESDAY and THURSDAY (TTh).

For more details, visit or call the FCU Guidance & Counseling Center at 6212-317/6212-318 local 140.