Stories Unfold

Every Filamerian has a story to tell, an experience – of unfitting and becoming, of ignorance and learning, of naivety and knowingness, of downs and ups, of defeats and triumphs, of heartaches and blissfulness, of bad times and good times; and Filamer Christian University has been a spectator to all of these.

As sea of faces enters her solid gates everyday, the hallowed halls of the University becomes silent, formidable witnesses to every story and experiences as they unfold. The Filamerian’s story chronicles diverse experiences of the students as they try to pursue their dreams, join in varied activities, and learn new things while in school. In this particular column, we get to read narratives of employees and students in their unforgettable experiences, and the learning and realizations they have had during those times. Start clicking the posts and keep on flipping the pages!

The Helen Storrow Confab Experience
By: Benneth Rose Jullar

RECALLING THE JOURNEY : What it’s like to be a part of the first-ever University Mobility in the Asia-Pacific Discovery Camp
By: Leo Art Diosep Borres

A chronicle of a first time traveler in
Indonesia and FCU delegate to ISTS 2016
By: John B. Ituralde Jr.
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Kindergarten Second Grading Exam - October 16 - 19

Elementary Second Grading Exam - October 23 - 25

Junior High School Second Grading Exam - October 19 - 20

Senior High School Second Grading Exam - October 19 - 20

College Final Exam - October 16 - 21

Graduate School Final Exam - October 21