Dr. Miguel Mac D. Aposin
  • Schools Division Superintendent, DepEd Division of Capiz

Dr. Miguel Mac D. Aposin


He rose from the ranks to become one of the frontliners of the Department of Education in Region VI. He is our featured alumnus. He is Miguel Mac. D. Aposin, Ed.D., CESO V.

Dr. Aposin was born and raised at Hipona, Pontevedra, Capiz, by his parents, Mr. Mamerto Aposin (deceased) and Mrs. Gloria Aposin. He has finished his elementary and secondary education also at his hometown. He then proceeded to Filamer Christian College (now Filamer Christian University) and took up Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Halfway through his college, his father died; and being the eldest and the only son in the family, he has to find ways to sustain and finish his college education. He became a work student and was assigned at the snack counter of the high school IGP. While doing his chores at the high school canteen, he learned the value of service and discipline. In his speech delivered before Filamerians two years ago, he recalled his experiences during those times. Here is an excerpt:

"It’s not enough that we know what we wanted.  We must pursue it with patience and persistence.  In other words, don’t give up easily.  It wasn’t easy to be assigned in the canteen.  I had to balance work and studies, especially so because the work in the canteen was mostly during the day.  It required discipline and being organized.  At 6 am, we had to open the canteen and my first task was to clean the whole area inside and outside.  Filling the cooler with bottles of soft drinks follows next, and so on.  It’s here where I learned to wash piles and piles of dishes in a systematic manner.  I applied the same discipline when I worked as a professional.  Things are not earned the easy way.  Success is sweeter when attained through hard work and perseverance," Dr. Aposin emphasized.  


Dr. Miguel Mac D. Aposin (right) served as FCU Commencement Exercises Speaker a year ago. With him are Chairman Joaquin C. Diaz and former president, Dr. Domingo J. Diel, Jr.

Through his perseverance and hard work, he finished his course in 1987 and joined the teaching force the following year. Prior to working at the public school, he has spent almost 10 years in the private schools. In 1998, he joined Hipona National High School starting as a Teacher I, then Teacher III. Eventually, he was assigned as principal of Tuburan National High School in 2007, and in Florentina Degala National High School in 2008. In 2009, he both served as Principal III of Malonoy National High School and OIC - Assistant Schools Division Superintendent of Department of Education Capiz Division. The following year, he was elevated as Assistant Schools Division Superintendent of the DepEd Capiz. In 2012, he was promoted as Schools Division Superintendent of DepEd Roxas City Division. Three years later and until the present, he is Schools Division Superintendent of the Capiz Division.

He has also pursued further studies and finished Master of Education specializing in Administration and Supervision at West Visayas State University in 1999, and Doctor of Education in Educational Management at Capiz State University in 2006.

He also holds career eligibility by passing several examinations with flying colors such as the Career Service Professional Exam, Professional Board Exam for Teachers, Educational Management Test, Superintendent Eligibility, and Career Executive Service Eligibility earning him the rank of Career Executive Service Officer V (CESO V).

He is married to Mrs. Gloria Aposin and blessed with three children namely, Paula Maria, Miguel Christian, and Joanna Micaella.

He may have had humble beginnings but his determination and clearly defined goals made him succeed and brought him to where he is now. He is indeed an epitome of hard work, perseverance, and discipline. He is an alumnus worth emulating. He is an alumnus whom Filamer is proud of. He is Miguel Mac D. Aposin.



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