The Campaign for University Dormitory

Filamer Christian University started as an orphanage. Ever since, it catered to the holistic development of the young individuals. As she grew into a Baptist Home School, then to Filamer Christian Institute, the school had a girls’ dorm and boys’ dorm. Many families outside Roxas City sent their children to Filamer and let them stay in the dorm,  a “home away from home”. Later, due to some priorities for quality education, the said dormitories were closed. Now as a University, there is a pressing need to accommodate both local and international students, guests, and other clientele for a safer and more decent place to live and stay while in Filamer.

For the University Dormitory to be realized, a campaign for financial support through the Souvenir Book dubbed as “Talamwa^an”, from the word “tamwâ” which means look out – is a Hiligaynon term for an opening or window in which anybody can see through or view scenes and happening, is launched. Salient features regarding the University’s programs, achievements, and milestones will be displayed here for everybody to catch a glimpse of. This will also highlight Filamerian alumni here and abroad who shine through the years because of what their Alma Mater has imparted to them.

Filamerian alumni, friends, and supporters are encouraged to support the campaign for the construction of the Dormitory by subscribing to the souvenir book “Talamwa^an” with a subscription fee of P7,000.00. Subscribers are given one whole page each in which they can showcase their achievements, give updates about themselves preferably with their pictures, and short inspirational message to the Filamerian community.

By subscribing to “Talamwa^an”, Filamerians can be able to contribute greatly to the realization of one of the University’s goals, the construction of the Dormitory which will be situated in the FCU Annex Campus and has an estimated PhP25 million budget.

To interested alumni, you can download the subscription form below and fill it in:


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