University sets records high in 2016 licensure exams

Filamer Christian University once again proved her strength as the biggest producer of professionals in the province of Capiz with the results of the different licensure examinations released during the last quarter of 2016.

The College of Teacher Education that produces the biggest number of licensed teachers in the province, got a 70% passing rate for first takers in the Bachelor of Elementary Education which is higher than the 30.18% national passing rate. In the Bachelor of Secondary Education category, FCU posted a 70.45% rating for the first takers which is also higher than the 33.78 national passing percentage. The University's College of Teacher Education (CTE) once hold the distinction as the Teacher Center for Excellence Satellite Institute and is already Accredited Level IV. It is also the sole producer of topnotchers in the Licensure Examination for Teachers in the province of Capiz. To date, CTE has already produced six topnotchers in LET.

LET Sept BEED12x6ft

abstract geometric background 1904In the Criminologist Board Exam, FCU was able to maintain her lead among Criminology schools in the province after posting the 63.64% passing rate for the first timers and 50% overall which is higher than the national passing rate of 31%. The University's College of Criminal Justice Education holds the distinction of having the highest percentage of passers among Criminology schools in Capiz for five consecutive years.

CLE 2016 6x8ft

In the Nursing Licensure Exam (NLE), the College of Nursing recorded a 73.68% passing rate for the first timers which is higher than the 47.73 national passing percentage, and highest among the Nursing schools in Capiz. The College is known as the biggest producer of registered nurses in the province and  has yielded 19 topnotchers in the NLE. It also gained several national awards and recognition in Nursing Research.


The College of Business and Accountancy and the College of Engineering also produced passers in the Certified Public Accountant Board Exam, Electronics Engineer and Electronics Technician board exams. FCU is the only school that offers Electronics Engineering in the province and has then produced passers in the last six years.

cpa 2016ece

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