Vision, Mission, and Goals


VISION: An effective and efficient Office of International Programs responsive to the vision of FCU as a globally-link Christian University.


OIP commits to:

Collaborate with inter national partner institutions in promoting the international character of FCU community.
Facilitate FCU offering of study abroad and researches opportunities of students, faculty and staff.
Establish, administer and manage the International Programs of the University relating to the students, faculty and staff.
Strengthen formal students exchage agreements with domestic and overseas partner Universitias.


  1. Plans and develops program lingkage with foreign institutions, schools, agencies, private or public for student, faculty, and staff exchanges.
  2. Identifies, evaluates, and benefits from the international study and researches opportunities, internships, and service learning exchanges for students and employees.
  3. Coordinates all aspects of under graduate, graduate or postgraduate education abroad through international study and researches programs and contextual international learning opportunities.
  4. Recommends policies and implementing guidelines for the development and effective management of the international study programs of the university.
  5. Work with the academic deans, departments and program Advisory Comittees to direct international study programs development, and management and evaluation, encouraging and responding to faculty initiatives.
  6. Ensures academic integrity of all international programs in which FCU students and employees participate under taking regular review all FCU international study contracts.
  7. Establish and maintains databases for all international programs.
  8. Coordinates link with link and pay attention to schools, Colleges and Universities, of which FCU is a member, including international and local assosations such as ACUCA, ACSCU-AAI,etc:
  9. Be responsible for local Program Exchage as the need arises.
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Kindergarten Second Grading Exam - October 16 - 19

Elementary Second Grading Exam - October 23 - 25

Junior High School Second Grading Exam - October 19 - 20

Senior High School Second Grading Exam - October 19 - 20

College Final Exam - October 16 - 21

Graduate School Final Exam - October 21